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Standard Precaution Among Emergency Healthcare Personnel

Standard Precaution Among Emergency Healthcare Personnel

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Majority of our healthcare provider working in Emergency Department has good knowledge, attitude & practice level in standard precaution. In fact, we found that (78.4%) were compliance to standard precaution practice. There were 43 participants who did not compliance to standard precaution practice, 14 were medical officer (32.6%), 14 were assistant medical officer (32.6%), 2 were staff nurses (4.7%), 3 were assistant nurse/community nurse (7.0%) and 10 were health attendants (23.3%). Most participants gave lack of time is the main reason for poor compliance with 38.5%, followed by interfering with their work with 29.2%, lack of equipment with 21.5% and other reason such as laziness, forgotten, not comfortable with standard precaution, lack of staff and very busy (10.8%).
Emergency Healthcare Personnel are at risk of needle stick injury, thus had higher risk for blood borne infection