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The Effects of Flat Worm Infections on Occupational Health

The Effects of Flat Worm Infections on Occupational Health

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This book creates public awareness on the health consequences of exposure to infections with Flat Worms commonly known as (Flukes & Tape worms). Indeed, an attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive, reference Health Information book on the patho-physiological and clinical effects of Flat Worm Infections on the Occupational and Industrial Health of Workers driving the economies of all Nations worldwide. Besides, special emphasis has been given to Schistosomiases and Echinococcosis. Further, due to chronicity of these infections, patients often require complex, multiple surgical operations and Blood Transfusions. Thus, for these reasons, this book may especially benefit hundreds of millions of Agricultural populations resident in Russia, Far-East Asian Countries, Africa, Japan, Philippine and Pacific Islands, Indian Sub-continent, Middle East, Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where some Flat Worm Infections are Endemic.
The Public Health Education Perspective on Epidemiologic Approach to Control of Flat Worm Infections