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Biologics for Psoriasis in Iraq: Benefits & Barriers

Biologics for Psoriasis in Iraq: Benefits & Barriers

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Introduction of these drugs in treating patients with psoriasis in some of the hospitals in Baghdad will help those patients a lot, improving their quality of life and decreasing the morbidity caused by psoriasis and many of the conventional drugs used to treat it. They could be introduced for those for whom many of these conventional drugs are ineffective or contraindicated as a result of their effects on different organs of the body. The aim of this project is to explore the feasibility and the possibility of the introduction of biological drugs as one of the treatment options for psoriasis in Alkarama teaching hospital in Baghdad. This project has many objectives. Firstly, to assess the readiness of hospitals in Baghdad for the introduction of biological drugs. Secondly, to try to establish the suitability of using biological drugs for psoriasis in Iraq. Thirdly, to decrease the cumulative side effects of conventional systemic antipsoriatic drugs by switching to biologics for a certain period of time as part of rotational therapy or combined therapy strategies.
Is it feasible and important to introduce the biological drugs as a treatment option for psoriasis in Iraq?