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Monospecific anti-B antibody and ABO blood group

Monospecific anti-B antibody and ABO blood group

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Monospecific antibodies are antibodies raised against a specific antigen used extensively in basic biomedical research, diagnosis and treatment of a disease such as infections and cancer. In the present study monospecific antibodies were produced against antigen B of the ABO blood group system to be used as a diagnostic marker for blood group B typing. The work was performed in the laboratory of Vaccinology and Molecular Immunology at the Center of Virology and Immunology, National University of Science and Technology. The research was supervised by Dr. Muhammad Ali A Shah and Co-supervised by Dr. Kashif Asghar; with the help of Dr. Taimoor Ashiq who was the internal member of the principal author, Bilal Zulfiqar. The work was fully guided by Dr. Isthtiaq Qadri, the Prinicipal of the Center.
Isolation and partial Characterization of Monospecific anti-B antibody and Cloning of Human ABO blood group gene