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An approach towards enlightening the immunization scenario

An approach towards enlightening the immunization scenario

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In the era of modern medicine when rising concern has been observed on non-communicable diseases; pneumonia,acute respiratory infection and measles are still remaining as leading causes of death of under five children and infants comprising three million of death toll each year globally and with disproportionate number of children of them belong to developing countries like India.In this literature an approach has been made to en-light the status of immunization specially on coverage rate and causes of low immunization.Observation and inference ascertain in this study was quiet dissimilar to prior works in the similar field.Most interesting observation was that immunization coverage was higher in rural area in compare to urban area.A step wise systematic approach was made to find out the cause of this dissimilar observation.It was hypothesized that birth order, presence of immunization card has got statistically significant relation with child immunization. I hope this book will be of help for those who engaged in community survey and social work especially in the field of community and preventive medicine and young researcher and academician of this field.
A comparative study on immunization between urban and rural community of Darjeeling