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Cardiovascular risk factors in Normolipidemic AMI

Cardiovascular risk factors in Normolipidemic AMI

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The trends of Acute Myocardial Infarct (AMI) subjects with hyperlipidemia has changed.The current study is based on stratification of risk factors in Normolipidemic AMI subjects, where the author approaches to elucidate the various risk factors and compounding variables associated with AMI in subjects who were absolutely Normolipidemic but suffered a set back.It has been observed that it is not only the lipids but there are several others analytical variables which can lead to AMI.The take away home message from this study highlights on measurements of other risk variables which are associated with the silent killer. It has become mandatory to analyze these risk variables in appropriate time so that the heavy cost beard by the subjects in Intensive Coronary Care Unit(ICCU) is minimized and can be healthy if these variables are also considered as a routine biochemical examination and measured in right time. The Author believes the current trends of AMI always associated with hyperlipidemia would change and subjects must be aware of other risk variables if they consider themselves risk free by being Normolipidemic.
CVD Risks factors in Normolipidemic Acute Myocardial Infarct Patients on Admission