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The Third Cellular Element

The Third Cellular Element

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The third element- actinidic archaea and viroids regulates the human body and the universe. An actinide dependent shadow biosphere of archaea and viroids in disease states is described with archaeal digoxin playing a pathological role. Archaeal digoxin can produce neuro-immuno-endocrine-genetic-metabolic integration. Archaeal digoxin by producing sodium-potassium ATPase inhibition can generate synchronized sustained burst activity in neuronal cells resulting in a electromagnetic field and a plasma state in the cell. This can generate cellular and molecular electromagnetic traces important in signal transduction and quantal perception. Actinidic archaea can mediate conscious and quantal perception. Actinidic archaea can regulate cell function by biological transmutation. Metal actinides in beach sands have been postulated to play a role in abiogenesis. A hypothesis of cholesterol as the primal prebiotic molecule synthesised on actinide surfaces with all other biomolecules arising from it and a self replicating cholesterol lipid organism as the initial life form is presented. A cholesterol based theory of abiogenesis and its role in the evolution of universe is elucidated.
Actinidic Archaea and its Trephones in Medicine & Biology