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Quinsy tonsillectomy

Quinsy tonsillectomy

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Quinsy or peritonsillar abscess is the commonest neck space infection visiting ENT OPD.The standard modality of treatment practised is needle aspiration or incision and drainage of the abscess followed by interval tonsillectomy 4-6 weeks later.In our study we practised quinsy/hot tonsillectomy wherein we did immediate tonsillectomy for quinsy cases .Thereby reducing duration of hospitalization, cost of treatment and morbidity.During the procedure we didn't encounter any complication associated with procedure as given in the literature such as primary and secondary hemorrhage.Even the dissection of tonsils was found to be easier as compared to interval tonsillectomy. Hence it is a safe procedure which can be carried out easily without any complications.Our study is aimed at treating quinsy as a single stage,cost-effective procedure without requiring double hospitalization of the patient.
A safe procedure