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An Epidemiological Study of Female Deaths of Reproductive Age Group

An Epidemiological Study of Female Deaths of Reproductive Age Group

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At the turn of this century, in September 2000, representatives from 189 countries met at the Millennium Summit at New York and adopted 'Millennium Development Goals'. Out of 8 goals, one of the important is improve 'Maternal Health'. Maternal Mortality is chosen as one of the indicator towards the progress of the goal. Present research study throws light on all the aspects of health of females of reproductive age group including pregnant women. In this study, the causes of maternal deaths (medical causes) and social factors influencing the maternal deaths like age at child birth, parity, lack of spacing ,Malnutrition socio-cultural, socio - economical, poverty, illiteracy, male dominance, gender bias, ignorance & prejudice, lack of maternity services, poor environmental sanitation, poor communication & transportation facility etc, has been delicately revealed by intense efforts. This study also emphasizes that by timely intervention like early registration of pregnancy, regular ANC Visits & safe institutional deliveries, many maternal deaths can be prevented. This study will be useful for all medical and social stakeholders who are concerned with female & maternal health.
An Insight into the Depths of Maternal Deaths