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Anterior segment trauma and it's Management

Anterior segment trauma and it's Management

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Fifty patients with all types of anterior segment injuries were studied in this series.In the present study the incidence of ocular injuries in the anterior segment was highest in the age group of 21–30 years.Maximum cases were below the age of 30 years.The incidence was highest in males (82%) and low in females (18%).There was 26% injuries during travel and road traffic accidents, 22% domestic injuries and 20% were occupational.Injuries due to firecracker showed poor visual outcome due to extensive ocular damage i.e. 21.66%.Wooden stick was the commonest agent responsible for anterior segment injuries,other being metallic (20%), stone (6%), thorn (1%) and glass pieces (4%).To avoid Traffic accidents maximum attention towards the traffic rules needs to be done.To prevent Domestic injuries avoiding negligence and careful handling of the possible harmful objects.In this study, the incidence of blunt injuries was 54%, penetrating injuries 40% and chemical injuries 6%.Cornea being the most affected part(62%).the size and site of the tear has got direct relation with the visual outcome. Tears of larger size and placed at or near the centre of cornea had poor visual results.