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Pharmacognostic and pharmacological evaluation of capparis decidua

Pharmacognostic and pharmacological evaluation of capparis decidua

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Capparis decidua (Forsk.) Edgew. belongs to family Capparaceae.. The macroscopic evaluation showed that the stem bark is light green in colour with characteristic odour. Transverse section revealed the presence of epidermis, vascular bundle and pith. The results of standardization parameters showed loss on drying- 6.84%w/w, foreign organic matter- 0.85%w/w, total ash- 16.85%w/w, acid-insoluble ash-5.34%w/w, water-soluble ash- 7.97%w/w, water soluble extractive value- 11.06%w/w, ethanol soluble extractive value- 3.7%w/w and petroleum ether soluble extractive value- 0.21%w/w. pH determination of 1% and 10% powdered drug were 8.2 and 6.8 respectively. It was subjected to successive solvent extraction by soxhelet viz. petroleum ether (600 -800C), alcohol and water. The extracts were subjected to qualitative chemical tests. TLC was run for the confirmation of glycosides, alkaloids. The isolated fractions were subjected to TLC, spectral studies UV-Visible and FT-IR for partly confirmation of isolated compound. In the pharmacological screening, the effect of different extracts of bark was evaluated for their CNS profile by using different models using Swiss albino mice.
Pharmacognostic, phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of stem bark of capparis decidua