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Impact of Life Skills training on Dietary Behavior of adolescents

Impact of Life Skills training on Dietary Behavior of adolescents

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Adolescence is a critical period as the physiological need for nutrients is high relative to energy needs. In addition, eating behavior and lifestyles are formed during this period, which may continue in to adulthood. Interventions to promote healthy nutrition need to occur in adolescence to reverse the adverse health effects of obesity and poor eating habits. Educating children and adolescents can instill positive health behaviors in the early years. Skills-based health education has been shown to make significant contributions to the healthy development of children and adolescents and to have a positive impact on important health risk behaviors. Therefore, this endeavor was undertaken with the objectives to assess dietary knowledge, attitude, behavior among school adolescents in Delhi, to impart the life-skills through training sessions for adopting healthy nutrition behavior among adolescents and to assess the impact of food and nutrition related life-skills training on dietary behavior of the intervention group and compare it with the control group.
Life Skills training and Dietary Behavior of adolescents