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Acute Pain Management Using Non Pharmacological Intervention

Acute Pain Management Using Non Pharmacological Intervention

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Infant immunisation is the most commonly performed health-related procedure in Jordan and other developed countries. Pain associated with immunisation, and other pain exposures, may be harmful because we do not know what painful experiences the infant has already had and whether this pain might contribute to a cumulative pain experience. Although healthy infants undergoing immunisation often do so with minimal pain relief, immunisation pain can be managed using non-pharmacological interventions, such as oral sweet solutions. The application of non pharmacological intervention could minimise the stress and discomfort associated with immunisation pain and can thus help health providers consider and develop a planned approach to the management of such pain. Such intervention could provide an effective strategy for nurses to use, to improve the well-being of developing infants. Jordanian nurses have an important role in pain management to reduce immunisation pain in infants in their community clinics. Changes in the education of nurses may be required to improve knowledge and practice. This is also resonate with nurses in other settings throughout the world.
Immunisation pain in infants: a Jordanian study