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Management of displaced Calcaneal fractures

Management of displaced Calcaneal fractures

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Intraarticular fractures of calcaneum are complex injuries, requiring experience in the diagnosis and management for favourable results. The operative treatment of displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures has been a controversial topic. For the choice of the right treatment of these complex intraarticular calcaneal fractures, it is basic to consider soft tissue conditions and collateral diseases of the patient. The minimal-invasive technique by sinus tarsi approach is a valid therapeutic solution which guarantees stability principles, anatomic reduction of the fracture and soft tissue preservation. The advantages offered by this new approach are represented by the possibility to have a less invasive incision which permits to have a good visualization and anatomic reduction of articular surfaces and without many complication.
Displaced Calcaneal fractures treated by minimally invasive(Sinus tarsi/Essex Lopresti) approach