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Prostaglandin is a product of cyclooxygenase-2. Compelling epidemiological and experimental studies over the last few decades have suggested that elevated cyclooxygenase-2 activity has been associated with enhanced development and spread of colorectal cancer, although the exact mechanisms of action are largely unknown or poorly understood. Modulation of adhesion molecules allows colorectal cancer cells to break away from their primary site and invade into the extracellular matrix: the initial process of metastasis. Other molecules such as Metalloproteinases, Cluster differentiation 44 and selectins are also thought to be involved. This short book revisits these various processes of cancer metastasis and reviews possible mechanisms of action with cyclooxygenase on a molecular level. Furthermore, common intrinsic and extrinsic modulators of cyclooxygenase are also discussed. This important biological concept has potential pharmacological implications with regards to chemo-prevention of cancer metastasis - remains to be the leading cause of colorectal cancer deaths.
and its role in colorectal cancer metastasis