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Human Coronary Vasculature

Human Coronary Vasculature

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Anomalous origin and distribution of the coronary arteries were shown to be a cause of sudden cardiac death in young adult patients, often in association with physical exertion. Ways and means for surgical corrections were developed. Coronary artery anomalies when occur pose difficulty with coronary visualisation and identification and present unique problems for surgical treatment. We studied origin, course and branching patterns of coronary arteries were studied by gross dissections, post-mortem arteriograms and corrosion cast preparations in 80 human hearts obtained from fresh cadavers. The present study, through coronary arteriogram, corrosion casts and visualisation by gross dissection may throw some additional light on the blood supply to human heart and serve to promote further work in this exciting field. Almost all elderly persons have at least some impairment of coronary artery circulation. Therefore normal and pathologic physiology of coronary circulation is one of the most important aspects in the entire field of medicine.
Coronary Arteries, Corrosion technique, Arteriogram, Circulation, coronary dominance, myocardial bridges &Anomalies