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Endoscopic Tympanoplasty

Endoscopic Tympanoplasty

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Chronic suppurative otitis media is an important middle ear disease since prehistoric times. CSOM is the commonest cause of persistent mild to moderate hearing impairment in children and young adults in developing countries.The tympanic membrane perforation that does not heal spontaneously represents an anatomical and functional defect that needs surgical correction in the majority of cases in order to allow the patient to have a normal social life with no restrictions and to correct the hearing loss resulting from the perforation. Tympanoplasty is the surgical operation performed for the reconstruction of the tympanic membrane and/or the small bones of the middle ear (ossicles). Over the years many techniques have been adopted for tympanoplasty. This book is intended to help medical students to clear their concepts regarding the anatomy and physiology of the conductive mechanism of ear. And also for the ENT surgeons to learn the basics of the evolving technique of ENDOSCOPIC TYMPANOPLASTY.
Anatomy, Physiology and Technique: Advantages and Pitfalls