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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

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There are several measures in the rehabilitation of Parkinson's patients which bring them to the point of ambulation with mobility aids. I have made a study on this condition to further achieve independent walk in them. This book is to show the "efficiency of dual task training in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease" it shows improvement in step length and TUG Test. Chapter-1 deals with introduction about the disease. Chapter-2 deals with aims and hypothesis made on this study. Chapter-3 consists of the Review of Literature, sited the articles. Chapter-4 deals with protocol for the patients i.e, how they are trained. Chapter-5 shows the data analysis for the measurements of step length and TUG test. Finally bibliography gives information about the supporting references. This book may help several physiotherapy who deal with Parkinson's patients to practice dual task training. Before going through this book please note that everyone has to study well about Parkinson's disease.
Dual task training