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The Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Emergency Contraception

The Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Emergency Contraception

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Unintended pregnancy poses a major challenge to the reproductive health of young adults in developing countries. In Nigeria unintended and unprotected intercourse is the primary cause of unwanted pregnancy and induced abortions and subsequently leading to increased maternal morbidity and mortality rates. Post-secondary school students form an important high risk group for unplanned pregnancy in Nigeria and other developing countries. Similarly, a Nigeria community-based study of abortion prevalence found that one-third of women who obtained an abortion are adolescents. Emergency contraception, has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancy and the consequent need for abortion.Emergency contraception (EC) is the contraception used by a woman after unprotected intercourse during her unsafe period. EC is needed when intercourse is unexpected and without prior contraceptive coverage.EC may be an effective way to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and induced abortions. Several studies have shown low awareness and usage of EC amongst adolescents and women and this book wants to elucidate the reason behind poor awareness and practice of EC.
Among The Full-time Students Of The Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria