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Functional Assessment Tools used to evaluate Hip Dysfunction Athletes

Functional Assessment Tools used to evaluate Hip Dysfunction Athletes

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Hip injuries are fairly common in athletes.Hip pain in runners and soccer players is a common problem treated by orthopedic and sports physical therapist.The objective of this study is to find out the co-relation between self reported(LEFS) and on field lower extremity functional assessment tools(FMS,Hop tests)used for assessing functional status in hip dysfunction athletes and to determine which functional tool is better in hip dysfunction athletes so that a clinician can confidently choose a test or combination of them based on its performance,hence interpret test results and utilize the tests to measure patient progress.This will further help him know the extent of functional and balance dysfunction in this population which can further help us for rehabilitation purpose and eventually correlate these limitations with outcomes,which may lead to an improved proactive approach to injury prevention. This research study demonstrated co-relations between LEFS and FMS, 6m timed hop test and THD but no correlation between hop tests and LEFS and that of FMS to LEFS.Hence,6m-THT and THD prove to be useful in assessing functional status of hip while FMS and LEFS do not prove to be useful.
A co-relational study between Self-Reported and On-Field Functional assessment tools evaluating functional status of hip