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Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management

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The work includes water resource management in hard rocks, alluvial terrain islands as well as controversies of Islands. Interlinking of the rivers are being considered as the future solution to manage the water resources of India. In this book the case study of Ken-Betwa interlinking of the rivers and its role in water resource management has been discussed. Besides conventional techniques cases of use of satellite remote sensing and advanced geophysical methodologies were discussed.This book will be useful for the graduate. Postgraduate students of Universities and various scientific and engineering organizations across the world. In this book "Water Resource Management", case studies of different parts of India, United Kingdom and Rwanda (Africa) has been discussed for relative assessment of geologically variable terrains for water resource management. Although the ground water resource management planning was done scientifically very accurately, execution of the work is also needed with full integrity. This is the ultimate solution of sustainable socio-economic system. plans are being implemented.
Water Resource Management in India Water Resource Management in UK Water Resource Management in Africa