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Natural disasters, their risk perceptions and how to cope with?

Natural disasters, their risk perceptions and how to cope with?

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The coastal communities of Pakistan are vulnerable to natural disasters such as cyclones.This study is conducted to provide an opportunity to the community to modify their knowledge, attitude, perception and so response to natural disasters.Researcher used face to face interviews approach together data. The data analysis revealed that the local community did not have not sufficient knowledge of cyclones and they were not well prepared to handle the disaster. Their current knowledge is mainly based on their century old perceptions, beliefs, customs and traditions not on scientific grounds. The participants expressed lack of satisfaction on the existing cyclone warning systems and management of relief camps at the time of disaster. Natural disaster particularly cyclones is a serious issue confronting the populations along coastal belt of Pakistan. Government has limited resources at and to forecast and forestall such impending disasters. The community itself is not so well prepared to face the danger. It is very much desired at every level to improve the existing arrangement and also develop the capacity to face such disasters in future.
An analytical study of coastal areas of Karachi