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Predicting Performance

Predicting Performance

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Contextualised within the Medical selection debate, this innovative research critically evaluates current approaches to medical selection. While current selection methods have been moderately effective in predicting academic performance in medical students, there is a paucity of substantiated factors predicting clinical success and satisfaction. There is also a gap in applying motivation research to the prediction of medical student outcomes. The organisational literature reveals that work motivation styles are predictive of performance, job satisfaction and role longevity, but they have not been previously studied with medical students. The book outlines compelling doctoral research which contrastively analyses and then explores the work motivation styles of the highest and lowest performing medical students at a large regional University in Australia. This book introduces medical selectors and educators to motivational measures that are predictive of medical student outcomes, a valid instrument for measuring these patterns and recommendations for further refining medical selection and training.
A contrastive analysis of the thinking styles of high and low performing medical students