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Scientific Appraisal of Unani Herbs

Scientific Appraisal of Unani Herbs

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Unani medicine despite being centuries old and practiced worldwide, its theories have not yet been proved scientifically due to which this system is often blamed for being orthodox, ignoring the fact that efficacy of most of the herbs used within this system has been proved scientifically. The purpose of compiling this book is to provide not only evidence based data on selected herbs acting on female reproductive system but also the reference for further reading. Additionally, it will be helpful in selection of herbs for preclinical and clinical studies on the drugs acting on female reproductive system. Classical information has been taken from the classical Unani texts especially Al-Qanoon fit Tibb, Kamilus Sana, and Khazainul Advia. Recent information has been obtained from books such as Indian medicinal plants, Wealth of India, printed or online indexed journals, etc.
Acting on Female Reproductive System