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Effect of amino acids on fracture healing: an experimental model

Effect of amino acids on fracture healing: an experimental model

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Research is ongoing to find non-toxic and inexpensive biological drugs which promote fracture healing and to completely understand the cascade of fracture healing. The possibility of using amino acids like Arginine and Lysine in situations that require more rapid bone healing such as fracture treatment , osteointegration after the application of implants,biomaterials and prosthesis (used in joint replacement surgery) has been hypothesized by virtue of angiogenesis and collagen synthesis properties of these molecules. Authors have provided an experimental model focusing on aspects of fracture healing in rabbits. The temporal effects of the interplay of these amino acids has been postulated and these effects have been qualitatively verified. Gene based delivery systems like antibodies or viruses have been proposed to augment the delivery of the molecules at the fracture site thus, providing a baseline plot for facilitation of future perspectives. An easy to replicate experiment, simple lucid scientific language ,recent facts in this field have been used as a tool to make a better understanding of mechanism of fracture healing and inspire further research.
x-ray and histologic analysis on fracture healing in rabbits