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Rapid Precurarisation

Rapid Precurarisation

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Despite the recent introduction of short-acting non-depolarising neuromuscular blockers, succinylcholine with its rapid onset of action, short duration of effect, complete and predictable paralysis remains unsurpassed in providing ideal conditions for endotracheal intubation. Succinylcholine is associated with many side effects including. Muscle fasciculations, Postoperative myalgias, Elevated intraocular,intragastric pressures, Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase, Myoglobinuria, Hyperkalemia, Phase II block, Malignant hyperthermia. The occurrence of muscle pains (frequency 4.5-85%) following the administration of succinylcholine is one of the commonest causes of postoperative discomfort. Several strategies have been advocated to decrease the incidence of postoperative myalgias, one of the most successful being the precurarisation. Rocuronium has a more rapid onset of action compared with the established non-depolarising agents. The effect of the rapid and time-saving precurarisation technique using rocuronium on succinylcholine induced fasciculations, intubating conditions and postoperative myalgias has been evaluated in this study & compared with atracurium.
A Comparative Study of Rocuronium, Atracurium and Placebo (Normal Saline)