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Hamstring Flexibility in Young Adult Male & Female

Hamstring Flexibility in Young Adult Male & Female

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Flexibility of an individual is determines his/her fitness level. It is a matter of prime importance among athletes. Commonly the flexibility of hamstring is being measured to evaluate an individual’s overall flexibility. There are so many tests to measure hamstring flexibility such as goniometry, straight leg raise and sit and reach test etc. Sit and reach test is the common and reliable test. The purpose the present study was to compare the flexibility between adult male and female in Kanpur population. A total of 120 collegiate subjects aged between 18-25 years divided into 60 each of two groups A and B consists of male and female respectively were randomly selected. All participants were allowed to perform sit and reach test. Statistical insignificant difference found between male’s and female’s flexibility (t=0.129). Pearson correlation was also found statistical insignificant between flexibility with age, height and weight among both males and females. Therefore, the findings of present study shows there is no differences in flexibility between young adult male and female.
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