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Reproductive Health Status Of Adolescent Girl Students (14-19 years)

Reproductive Health Status Of Adolescent Girl Students (14-19 years)

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Worldwide interest in adolescent health issues has grown dramatically beginning with the International Year of Youth in 1985 and the World Health Assembly,UNICEF & UNFDA issued a joint statement on reproductive health of adolescents in 1989 to address their problems. The reproductive health of young school adolescent girls has not been fully explored and understood all over the world,more so in developing countries.Lack of information,social taboos,paucity of health services,low level of education and host of other socio-economic & cultural factors have been responsible for this neglected area of research.Consequently, they face a number of problems like anaemia,unsafe abortions,miscarriage,sexual exploitation,increased possibility of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.An attempt has been made to assess the knowledge,perceptions and practices in relation to reproductive health including menstruation among girls. This book falls short of in providing interventions in the form of audiovisual material regarding reproductive health among the girls and then conducting post test session to assess the impact of interventions.
of Kanpur Nagar in Uttar Pradesh