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Knowledge and Management Practices about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Knowledge and Management Practices about Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Mental health is the overlooked and neglected dimension of public health around the world. Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the neglected mental health problems around the world. The problem is incurable, but some features can be modified and the quality of life can be improved if early diagnosis is done and different therapies are applied as soon as possible. Majority, 51.9 percent of health workers had rarely handled, 35.2 percent sometimes handled and 13 percent had not handled yet the Autistic child. Majority, 90.7 percent felt difficult and only 9.3 percent felt comfortable while diagnosing the case. Majority of the health workers, 79.6 percent knew that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a Developmental Disorder but they, 24.1 percent also rated mental retardation, 13 percent for form of psychosis, 7.4 percent for communicable disease, 3.7 percent for childhood schizophrenia as a meaning of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Caretakers gave priority, 95.5 percent to make familiar to the child with others to manage the socialization problem of Autistic child. Some, 2.3 percent of caretakers also practiced to keep child isolated to manage the problem.
Background literature Review Methodology Findings