Peritrochanteric Fractures:  A Surgeon's Perspective

Peritrochanteric Fractures: A Surgeon's Perspective

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The fractures of the peritrochanteric region of the femur are one of the most common injuries seen in current orthopaedic practice. Incidence of these fractures has increased significantly during recent decades and this tendency will probably continue in near future due to rising age of population. Closed methods of treatment have shown higher mortality rates & have largely been abandoned. Rigid internal fixation and early mobilization has been standard method of treatment. There has been a long standing debate regarding the operative procedure of choice in these fractures. By comparing the sliding screw system (Dynamic Hip Screw) against the mini-invasive intramedullary nailing device (Proximal Femoral Nail) this study aims to throw light on the management of trochanteric fractures.
A Comparative Analysis of the Operative Techniques in Peritrochanteric Fractures of Femur