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Workplace Comfort and Productivity

Workplace Comfort and Productivity

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Workplace Comfort and Productivity: The Savannah Trees Connection by Andrew Oduor Muruka and Charles Muruka is an extraordinary account of the links between the Savannah Hypothesis, workplace comfort and productivity. The book demonstrates with ease the invaluable role of trees in our everyday lives. In the recent past, workplace stress levels have been on the increase, costing employers billions of dollars in lost productivity and health-related problems. The book highlights the current ratings of psychophysiological stress and comfort factors in Kenya and identifies for the very first time Acacia, Mango and Palm trees, due to their visual attractiveness, as the most preferred for maximum workplace comfort. The book recommends the Japanese art of bonsai as a way of introducing potted plants of Mango, Acacia and Palm into workplaces for maximum comfort of employees. Ergonomists, interior designers, employers and other safety and health professionals will no doubt find this book extremely useful in their quest to improve workplace comfort and productivity.
The Savannah Trees Connection