KAP Regarding HIV/AIDS Among University Students In  Xinjiang

KAP Regarding HIV/AIDS Among University Students In Xinjiang

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The aim of this research is to assess the level of knowledge on HIV/AIDS and its risk factors, attitude towards HIV/AIDS and AIDS patients and its transmission and to identify high risk behaviors associated with HIV/AIDS among university students in Xinjiang. A cross–sectional survey was conducted among students enrolled Xingjiang University and Xinjiang Medical University. Data was collected using self-administered standardized questionnaire on KAP re HIV/AIDS among 400 students. Mean knowledge scores is significantly different by ethnicity, sex, subject major, and year of study in university. Only 33.3% of the respondents had positive attitude towards HIV/AIDS patient. With regards high risk behavior associated with HIV transmission, 15.8% had at least 1 risk behavior related to unprotected sexual exposure Conclusion: HIV/AIDS health education efforts should be intensified in non-medical universities, among female, first year and Uyghur and other minorities’ students. About two-thirds of the students had negative attitude towards HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS patients. Around 15% of these students reported having at least 1 high risk behavior related to unprotected sex
KAP Re HIV/AIDS Among Students