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Cutaneous Leishmaniasis - A New Concept

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis - A New Concept

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Previous studies with regard to Cutaneous Leishmaniasis have come with great information. In spite of that, we still have few gaps that need to be addressed, in which this study covers through: -A cytomorphologic study of the different manifestations seen for the amastigote form in cutaneous Leishmania. -A review of the application of the microscopic method in cutaneous leishmania diagnosis. -Neutrophils role in cutaneous leishmania. -Wither the Amastigote form is the only form found in humans infected with cutaneous leishmania. -The pathological features of cutaneous leishmania. Origin and Properties of the Mononuclear Cells (with tail) seen in the Cutaneous Leishmania smear. -An approach for cutaneous leishmania treatment. This book is prepared for those in the medical field who are interested in digging through new concepts and findings in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. The book may a breakthrough for new ideas.
A microscopic cytomorphologic approach to the disease course