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Nicotine Dependence And Its Correlates

Nicotine Dependence And Its Correlates

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Tobacco use, also known as Brown Plague is an example of modern epidemic. It is responsible for nicotine dependence which is measured by Fagerstrom test. Here discussion takes place on level of nicotine dependence, its correlates and relationship of nicotine dependence with quitting behaviour and tobacco related diseases. Significantly associated factors like age, starting age of tobacco use, duration of tobacco use and habit of tobacco use can explain 27.3% of total variation of FTND score in multiple linear regression. In binary logistic regression model taking quitting behaviour as dependent variable, 39.1% to 53.5% of variance could be explained. This model also correctly predicted 83.6% of the quitting behaviour. Score is also higher among diseased population. Appropriate cessation plan should be developed depending on FTND score of individual.
A study on nicotine dependence and its correlates among adult tobacco users in a slum of Burdwan District,WB, India