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Social Determinants of hypertension in Jordan

Social Determinants of hypertension in Jordan

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Hypertension is an important public health concern, yet previously published ?research ?about ?hypertension risk factors have undertaken a medical approach rather than ?an ?integrated social ?determinants approach especially in Jordan. Such an approach left a gap in ?the knowledge base of the ?intersectoral ?distribution and risk factors for this public health ?priority area. Hence, the objective ?of this book is ?to investigate public health risk factors of ?hypertension in Jordan.? The comprehensive literature review and the secondary data analysis observed that the ?distribution of hypertension prevalence is affected ?by ?social determinants and risk factors. ?Adapting an integrated social determinants approach to ?investigate ?hypertension prevalence ?and distribution may be beneficial in guiding healthcare ?providers and policy makers to ?address ?more efficiently the burden of hypertension. Further this analysis should be especially useful ?to professionals in public health, or anyone who maybe considering integrating social ?determinants approach for complicated medical conditions distribution with multiple risk ?factors that are relevant and interact as in hypertension.?