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Feeding Pattern & Nutritional Status of Under Two Years Slum Children

Feeding Pattern & Nutritional Status of Under Two Years Slum Children

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Slum dogs can become millionaire in the movies, but the real world scenario is totally different. In fact, they lead a very miserable life & suffer problems in their everyday life. Bangladesh is a South-Asian densely populated small country. The population of the capital city Dhaka has been projected at 17.6 million, with up to 60% living in the slums. In slum to see the feeding pattern under two years children it is found that the rate of early initiation of breastfeeding (colostrum) is improved but prevalence of prelacteal feeding is still high & exclusive breastfeeding rate is far away from acceptable range, though Bangladesh has a strong culture of breastfeeding. In complementary feeding most common is rice, vegetables & lentil. Prevalence of under nutrition is more in slum area than rural or urban. Due to poverty, slum mothers feed nutritionally inadequate, unsafe and less energy dense food to their child. Maximum slum peoples’ monthly income is below the urban poverty line. Improper child caring and irresponsive feeding practice causes increase risk of malnutrition of slum children. It indicates that the children of under two years are in critical nutritional stress.
Feeding & Nutrition of slum children