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Utilisation of Insecticide Treated Nets by Pregnant Women

Utilisation of Insecticide Treated Nets by Pregnant Women

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Utilisation of Insecticide This book seeks to understand women''s knowledge and perception about, and actual utilization of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs), particularly among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic in Ilorin, Southwest Nigeria. The author observes low level utilization of ITNs. A number of factors explain the low usage of ITNs, including lack of interest, unavailability of the product, little or no knowledge of its importance and high cost. Lack of appropriate information and health education also contribute to the low level of ITN utilization. To reverse the trend, ensure that malaria is actually rolled back, and the lives of women and children protected, government and donors need to improve on their present resource commitments to increasing ITN use among pregnant women and children. The less than adequate resource commitment has so far resulted in low ITN coverage among the most vulnerable. Beyond financial resources, however, there is need for government to undertake massive enlightenment campaign and intensify media advertisement that would inform and educate individuals about the usefulness of ITN.
The Impact of Knowledge and Perception