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Effective Interventions For Managing Overweight and Obesity in Adults

Effective Interventions For Managing Overweight and Obesity in Adults

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Overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions worldwide and affect over 300 million people. Strategies of weight management include lifestyle modification, medical treatment and alternative therapy. The role of diet in weight management and how it compares with other interventions is reviewed in this thesis. Alternative strategies are also discussed. Modifications in diet and physical activity are crucial at all levels of management. A high-carbohydrate, low-fat, high protein and high fiber energy-deficient diet is a potentially effective dietary strategy. Physical exercise alone is more effective at preventing weight regain than promoting weight loss. Classic and cognitive behavior therapy commonly complement diet and physical activity. Pharmacotherapy is indicated for overweight patients with concomitant comorbidities and obese individuals. Bariatric surgery is efficacious for weight loss for class 2 obese patients with serious comorbidities and those with class 3 obesity. Dietary patterns, low GI and low energy-dense diets as well as other novel medicines need consideration as alternative strategies for weight management in future.