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Physiological response to acute cold pain

Physiological response to acute cold pain

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Pain is an unpleasant sensory experience associated with tissue damage. It is usually accompanied by various clinical signs and symptoms. We conducted this study to assess the cardio respiratory changes due to acute cold pain along with Galvanic Skin Resistance. Basal Respiratory parameters-Respiratory rate(RR), Forced Vital Capacity(FVC),Tidal Volume(TV),FEV?(Forced Expiratory volume in first second,ERV(Expiratory Reserve Volume), and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate(PEFR) were recorded using the Spirometer-Spirobank G in 30 non smoker medical students. Change in GSR during acute cold pain was measured by Psychogalvanoscope. Also their Pulse Rate, Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure (SBP, DBP)were recorded. Acute pain was induced by immersing hand in cold water-Cold Pressor Test(CPT).The above mentioned parameters were recorded during cold sensation, acute cold pain and again 5 minutes after the CPT. Comparisons were made between these values. An increase in RR,TV,FVC and FEV? was observed during cold pain reflecting the fact that pain acts as respiratory stimulant. Similar results we also found in SBP and DBP during acute cold pain. GSR decreased in all the subjects significantly show
Cardio-respiratory & GSR responses