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Radiography Images & Digital Image Processing

Radiography Images & Digital Image Processing

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Imaging methods are progressing in a rapidly manner, but the problem which we, as the health providers always encounter with, is the expensive costs of different devices and our limited budget to provide them. Conventional radiographies are still keeping their role in our diagnostic approach to the patients. The quality of radiography images has been improved considerably compared to its beginning. However it’s still necessary to enhance the available quality. Due to limited resources, it’s not possible to provide new equipments or to renovate the existing ones. Image enhancement techniques and software-base innovations could play an important role in providing the doctors images with higher resolution. Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. We have used global histogram equalization (GHE) and unsharp mask (UM) filters in processing conventional chest radiographies (CXR) to improve image quality. Although our study proposed some doubts against the effectiveness of Unsharp Mask technique, but the findings generally advocated the application of level enhancement techniques.
Testing Global Histogram Equalization and Unsharp Mask Algorhithms