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Bioactive Properties Of The Catfish Plotosus Limbatus

Bioactive Properties Of The Catfish Plotosus Limbatus

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The ocean comprises about 71 % of earth surface and large proportion of all life on earth exists in ocean.Marine environment comprises approximately half of the total biodiversity.In recent years ,a significant number of novel metabolites with potent pharmacological properties have been discovered from the marine organisms ,they are known to have rich source ofinteresting organic molecules.Marine toxins are still representing sources of pharmacological compounds that may be useful as research tools or lead compounds for drugs and as such their pharmacological action have been focus of recent work.Fish venom contains a diversity of toxin yet to be Discovered.Among fish venom catfish is considered as one of venomous fish yet to be discovered,The catfish Plotosus limbatus is a common inhabitat of inshore of India and srilanka.The ability of catfish to inflict and extremely painful wounds with their pectoral and dorsal stings has been well known for many decades.The present study was undertaken to evaluate the bio active properties of epidermal secretion of Mucus and Sting venom and its characterisation of sting venom.
venomous catfish "Plotosus limbatus" from parangipattai coastal waters,south east coast of India