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Risk factors of hypertension

Risk factors of hypertension

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Universally, hypertension is one of the most prevalent and powerful contributors to the development of serious and potentially fatal complications, thus causing considerable human suffering and enormous health care costs. This book helps filling a gap in the research literature for hypertension risk factors to provide recommendations for future interventions. The Book is based on a case control study to identify risk factors of hypertension among Palestinian population. The most common modifiable risk factors of hypertension were physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes mellitus, high- low density lipoprotein, hypercholesterolemia, low- high density lipoprotein, high triglyceride level and smoking. The findings showed most if not all of the identified hypertension risk factors could be preventable. These results may highlight the problem as a public in nature that need community-based intervention programs integrated with health promotion programs.
Risk Factors of Hypertension at UNRWA Primary Health Care Centers in Gaza Governorates: Case Control Study