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Role of Vaccine Candidate Antigen Polymorphism in Malaria

Role of Vaccine Candidate Antigen Polymorphism in Malaria

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Extensive genetic diversity in natural parasite populations is a major obstacle for the development of an effective vaccine against the human malaria parasite, since antigenic diversity limits the efficacy of acquired protective immunity to malaria. Genetic diversity is one of the prominent features of Plasmodium falciparum infections. To the best of our knowledge, This is the first effort of elucidation and genetic correlation has not been investigated before on genetic diversity of P.falciparum field isolates from Jharkhand, India and as such it bridges an important gap in the understanding of the molecular characteristics of the parasite population in South East Asia, especially Jharkhand, India, an understudied and tribal dominant region with perennial malaria.Our data provided the link between the genetically acquired immunity, infection and diversity through complex interplay of transmission cascade in population exposed to falciparum malaria.
Diversity in P. falciparum genome influencing selection of drug or vaccine resistant parasites