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Detection of recurrent urinary bladder tumour

Detection of recurrent urinary bladder tumour

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Bladder cancer is the second most common urological malignancy after prostate cancer. Over all it is the fourth common cancer of all malignancy in male and the eighth most common cancers in female. Check cystoscopy in patients with recurrent bladder tumors creates a large urological workload. To date rigid cystoscopy has been the main method of followup but flexible cystoscopy is becoming increasingly popular because it can be carried out under local anaesthesia on an out-patient basis.By transabdominal ultrasound scanning of the filled bladder it is possible to examine the surface of the bladder urothelium in the outpatient clinic and in certain proportion of patients presenting initially with an non-invasive,low grade tumour could be followed by ultrasound alone.
Role of flexible cystoscopy and ultrasonography in the detection of recurrent urinary bladder tumour