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Solar Dried Tropical Fruits from Fiji

Solar Dried Tropical Fruits from Fiji

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Postharvest losses of surplus seasonal fruits are a major problem in Fiji as well as other Pacific Islands. Most of the tropical fruits in the Pacific are seasonal, therefore they are limited in supply. When these fruits are in season, they are readily available but due to postharvest losses, there is alot of wastage of these surplus fruits. In the Pacific, there are very limited investigations conducted on the postharvest losses and preservation techniques of fruits. This book provides an insight into the use of solar dryers to minimize postharvest losses in pineapple and papaya and it also looks at the changes in the quality parameters of these solar dried fruits. Solar drying is a sustainable alternative to promote food security through food preservation. The findings should be useful in studying the quality parameters of some of the other seasonal Pacific fruits and is particulary useful to the scientific community and the food industry.
Evaluation of Quality Parameters in Pineapple and Papaya