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First step in emergency care of sick children

First step in emergency care of sick children

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The specialty of Pediatric Emergency Medicine has changed over these years as new knowledge from research, new pharmaceuticals, and new technology have changed the senerio.How we evaluate and treat our young patients first time. we have worked to create a resource for our resident and nurses , clinicians who are the first person to provide pediatric emergency care . We realize, however, that no book can completely cover all the topics of pediatrics emergency. . We have tried to cover most common problems encountered by residents & interns in the everyday care of ill children. This handbook is meant to stimulate reading in more complete text books and current journals. We are very grateful to Mr.Vijay dahasmana and his presidential body, Principal Of HIMS swami Rama Nagar Jolly grant Deharadun for their motivation and encouragement. We acknowledge our gratitude to our head of department, colleagues, post graduates and interns for their help. We are very thankful Mr.Pankaj Jain who helped us at every stage in preparation of the book.
A useful book for primary care health workers, resident and nurses