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Analgesia in patients with hip fracture

Analgesia in patients with hip fracture

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Patients with hip fracture are usually older than age of 65. They need early mobilization in postoperative period. That’s why they need efficient postoperative analgesia. The systemic postoperative analgesia is most common used. In most of cases this kind of analgesia is insufficient. Peripheral nerve blocks are most efficient and surgically depending most specific option for postoperative analgesia.The aim of this study was to compare the effect of continuous „3 - in - 1“ versus single fascia iliaca compartment block, as a postoperative analgesia, and to compare the method with the systemic analgesia in elderly patients with hip fracture. Ninety patients with hip fracture older than 65 years were included and were randomly assigned to three groups per 30 patients, depending of type of postoperative analgesia. In all patients pain intensity was measured in rest and passive leg movement. The amount of supplemental analgesia was measured, and also the time when the patient needed it for the first time. Sensory and motor block were registered in „3 - in - 1“ and FIC groups as well as subjective patient’s impression for quality of analgesia and the side effects.
Comparing of „3 - in - 1” block and Fascia iliaca compartment block versus systemic postoperative analgesia