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Chloroquine and liver histology

Chloroquine and liver histology

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Approximately 50-70% of chloroquine in plasma is bound to plasma proteins. The tissues exhibit particularly high binding to chloroquine especially those containing melanin, for example the retina. Significant binding also occurs in the liver, kidney and spleen. Chloroquine (Resochin, Avloclor, Nivaquine, Arelen) C18H26CIN3 7- Chloro -4- (4’- diethlyamino-1’-methylamine quinoline). Chloroquine affects the body in realtion to liver histology. The text is organize in Chapters, Chapter I describe the gross anatomy of the liver, Chapter II, deals with information on histology,morphology.Chapter III describe how chloroquine affects liver histology.
Chloroquine & medical pharmacology