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Medicinal Plants,Herbal Medicines & Amoebiasis

Medicinal Plants,Herbal Medicines & Amoebiasis

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Entamoeba histolytica, the most primitive eukaryote, causes of amoebiasis.This protozoan parasite that causes intestinal and extra intestinal like liver,brain and cutaneous amoebiasis(disease). Approximately 50 million people have invasive disease annually resulting in 100,000 deaths per year. Amoebiasis has been described by world Health Organization as the second highest parasitic death in humans after malaria (WHO, 1984).The summary of the work carried out on the topic"Medicinal Plants,Herbal medicine And Amoebiasis" is described under the following section. PATHOLOGY: Pathological studies include microscope observation of stool samples. Cultivation of E.histolytica cultures from cysts, and troрhozoites and their maintenance, pathogenicity test of different strains of E.histolytica in laboratory animals. CHEMOTHERAPY: Chemotherapeutic studies include; preparation of extracts from plant materials and herbal medicines, in vitro,in vivo drug screening and in vivo toxicity test.
A. Pathology of Amoebiasis B.Chemotherapy of Amoebiasis