Treatment of Gridhrasi (Sciatica)  The Reserch Study

Treatment of Gridhrasi (Sciatica) The Reserch Study

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This research work is highly beneficial to researchers, practitioners, patients and healthy human. In day to day practice Gridhrasi (sciatica) the lumbar spine disease cases are found in increasing ratio. Number of factors are responsible for this increasing trend like change in the life style, wide use of vehicles, diminishing quality of food, lack of exercise, continuous sitting work, excess weight lifting work, decreasing strength of dhatu, wide use of chemicals, accidental injuries etc. Practitioners are facing lot of problems while treating this disease hence to overcome the problem this study of the Efficacy of Katibasti, Kalabasti and Anchana in the Management of Gridhrasi (sciatica) is highly beneficial. After series of scientific discussions, author has studied the subject extensively and conducted the clinical research work scientifically. The observations made are genuine and are presented in scientific manner. Mild to severe cases can be treated successfully after incorporation of above research in practice. Disease can be prevented by healthy person by following preventive measures.
Katibasti Kalabasti and Anchana